Carrier Mage sketches

These are some sketches I did a while back. I was exploring depth, foreshortening and posing of human form.

Carrier Mage energy swirling
extreme depth

It turned into a sort of energy mage/sorcerer.

I’m sharing this now because I think this character will be able to take advantage of some 3d modeling that I’m doing in preparation for at least one other project. I’m building a 3D athletic base model based upon my drawing style and some Bridgman reference. A few posts about that 3D model are coming soon. Immediately it(the 3D model) will be used for some animation studies and rigging. But in the near future it will be tailored for a track athlete character I have in the works. And considering the similarities in the body types(thin and wiry), it will probably be a starting point for this character as well.

chillinkinda depthmap study
less extreme depth posevalue study with battery silhouette

The cylinder on his back is a “battery” for stored magic energy. It think the first thing I animate with him is the ritual he uses to collect and store the energy in that battery. It will probably be something like a “kata” or solo form. The specifics of how magic works with this guy and in his world are still percolating. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to add on below. Also any comments about the posing, drawings, character concept, et cetera are welcome.

PS. what do you think is more accurate, mage or sorcerer?


  1. Charles says:

    Id stick with Carrier Mage. Sorcerer has kinda fallen out of use and it doesnt sound nearly as cool.
    Based on the poses you put him in I’m wondering if he’s going to have anything thats flowy or billowy…
    An idea for how magic works:
    Maybe it’s environment based, I notice that there appears to be a top to the canister he carries. So maybe he slings it off his back and drives the top into the ground then performs his kata to gather the environments energy into the canister. Driving in into the earth would generate green earth magic. Driving it into the water would generate blue water magic… Well you see whee this is going.

  2. testjamal says:

    I haven’t yet considered his style of dress. there may be a buddhist monk influence, I’ve considered him in robes like that. But there are also some ideas around leather-type leggings with a tunic. Or a more native american shaman or warlord type of garb. I still need to look a a ton of reference.

    I dig where you’re going with the magic. I was considering having the battery planted into the ground like you mentioned. I also thought about having there being temporary storage of magic energy being in guards on his forearms, kinda like how pollen collecting on bees, but not like that at all. And periodically in the kata he returns to the battery. adds the collected energy and goes to collect more until the battery is full. That way he can store energy for extended use in the battery, collect energy in the guards for immediate use, and direct small amounts of energy on the fly for certain tasks.

    I think the core type of energy would be consistent, but working with different types could add an interesting ripple…

  3. testjamal says:

    check one two…had some problems with the comments, but I think it’s all better now…hope so anyway

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