Vail Film Festival 2012

I recently had occassion to attend the Vail Film Festival. I created the animated pre-roll of the festival logo and sponsors.
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Demo Reel 2012


This demo reel showcases some of the work I have been involved in. Unless otherwise indicated, I did all of the work presented. I work in 3D animation, primarily using Maya currently. I also am quite familiar with 3D Studio and to a lesser extent SoftImage XSI. I am extremely proficient in many of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.
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animation mel script for baserig

When blocking my animation, I sometime like to key all the animateable attributes on the control objects that handle gross body movements all at once so that I don’t get unexpected results with my poses. Attempting to select each and every control object individually, setting keys on each object, and then returning to my original selection for continued animating would be an amazingly slow process. This mel script takes a lot of that out of my hands. Details »

Zareen 3d Character Model

This a 3d model of a little girl character I designed named Zareen. I mentioned her previously in this post. Details »

Athlete Base Model Part 3

I am currently building an animation control rig for the athlete base model. I will describe most of the controls here: Details »

3d Self Portrait part2

In this post, I have created a turntable animation of my 3d self portrait model so far.
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SimEx Studios- 4D Racers

4D Racers

I was a technical assistant for this simulation ride film for Legoland. I setup the scenes for render and also edited some animation on a couple of shots.