Base Rig now with more hands!

I’ve edited the base rig model and added controls and low poly geometry for hands. Details »

Athlete Base Model Part 3

I am currently building an animation control rig for the athlete base model. I will describe most of the controls here: Details »

Athlete Base Model Part 2

After testing my previous mesh and taking into consideration the critique of one of my former students, I reworked parts of the mesh for this model. This new mesh works a lot better in terms of deformation. It also handles some of the musculature a lot better.

Details »

Athlete Base model

3/4 view from the front

This is a 3d model that I am working up from the mirrorhead model I built previously. It is a relatively low resolution mesh that can be subdivided and edited accordingly to create a much more dense mesh. It follows the form of my drawing style and will be used as a starting point for some of my tall athletic character designs.
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