Athlete Base Model Part 3

I am currently building an animation control rig for the athlete base model. I will describe most of the controls here:

controls for the feet
FK/IK ankle controls
pivot control for the ball of the foot
pivot control witch to change rotation from inside to outside of foot
heel height control to put character on balls of feet
toe rotate control
heel rotate control
control to roll the foot from the inside or outside

hip controls
main hip controller – for positioning the hips and bending the torso at the hips
hipAngle controller – for rotating(swivel) the hips alone

shoulder controls
shrug control to raise or lower the shoulders together(not pictured)
individual shrug controls to edit the shoulder position independently(not pictured)
shouldeAngle control to set the general angle of the shoulders

head and neck controls
basic rotation controls

hand controls
finger rotation
FK/IK general controls

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  1. Charles says:

    I’ve always wondered how long to takes you to do a full character rig (skeleton, skinning, etc). It feels like it take me waaay to long to make mine… Granted I really hate rigging.

  2. testjamal says:

    I’ll make this rig available to you when I’m done and post up how the controls are made. With melscripts, rigging can be a lot faster once you have a proven rig created. Because you can take that one rig and edit it to fit different characters.

  3. Charles says:

    Thats awfully kind of you and most appreciated… Mel scripts yous say?

  4. testjamal says:

    yeah mel is the scripting language for maya, it allows you to automate most any task in maya. So with repetitive specific tasks like setting up rigs, you can write a script that will run and be the work. Setting it up can be a bear, but once it’s done, it’s done. Any any rig you need to setup using that same structure can be done much more quickly.

    I have some links that will help, lemme find ’em

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