Modeling a punk duck

Here is an original character I came up with sketching for a class one day.

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Carrier Mage sketches

Carrier Mage energy swirling

These are some sketches I did a while back. I was exploring depth, foreshortening and posing of human form.

It turned into a sort of energy mage/sorcerer. Details »



I came up with this after watching a kid follow his mom through a mall store. The kid never looked up, that portable game stayed in his vision the whole time! His world was experienced AROUND the game!
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The Self Inside

self inside sketch

I had an animation idea that I put down in a sketch for further exploration.

I also did a quick value study as well as a basic color overlay.

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Plastic bag fairy


This is a pencil sketch and Flash linework of a rough character idea.

He is one of the urban sprites, or modern fairies or whatever I decide to call these guys. I have some characters rolling around that make of parts of city life that you don’t see. Similar to how fairy folk and goblins and sprites made up the unseen world in different ages, these folk fill in the dark corners in this age.
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La Badia in Orvieto, Italy

La Badia di Orvieto

I was enamored with this abbey upon first sight. I drew this from the high school shoolyard in Orvieto. Walking through the city that morning, I saw a gate open. My curiosity got me to peek around, seeing as how I was sure that would be a great vantage point to sketch from that day. I spent a bit of time making this sketch and some photos. This was the last sketch in my sketchbook. And I nearly lost the whole thing! Major tragedy to lose a empty sketchbook, let alone a filled one! I pulled a new sketchbook out of my bag and thought I put the filled one away. I left the schoolyard feeling all good, and continued on my way.

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