The Self Inside

self inside sketch

I had an animation idea that I put down in a sketch for further exploration.

I also did a quick value study as well as a basic color overlay.

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Postcards from Yola

So this blog hasn’t seen a lot of action recently (that will change soon), but this one has: Postcards from Yola, my photoblog that chronicles life here in Yola, Nigeria. So check it out! A permanent link lives at the bottom of the page in the “Links” tab.

Plastic bag fairy


This is a pencil sketch and Flash linework of a rough character idea.

He is one of the urban sprites, or modern fairies or whatever I decide to call these guys. I have some characters rolling around that make of parts of city life that you don’t see. Similar to how fairy folk and goblins and sprites made up the unseen world in different ages, these folk fill in the dark corners in this age.
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Mirrorhead Rig


This is an animateable character model and rig. The rig features IK/FK arms, reverse foot leg setup and custom shoulder, spine, neck and head animation controls.

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Flash animation exercises

Here are a few short Flash clips. Some are just animation passes, others exhibit some of the actionscript I teach.

The Art of Shinjo Ito in Florence, Italy

Wandering through Florence one night we saw this from the road:

I took a gang of shots and even attempted to bracket my shots and create a HDR image.(more on that later) We came back the next day and saw that the show was in town and proceeded to find the gallery because it looked like this would be dope! Details »

Sketches of David

We spent an afternoon in Florence @ the Galleria dell’Accademia and I spent most of that time sketching Michelangelo’s David. Great afternoon. We met a family there, a young girl with her parents. The father was an architect. Originally, he came out of school as an engineer, but went back to follow his passion of being an architect later in life. He had a great story of following your passion and seemed to be at peace there with his daughter and patient wife who kinda hung around on the sidelines.

He and his daughter were there sketching and observing as I was. Curiosity got the best of both of us and eventually we were near enough to see what we both were doing. The daughter, about 8 years old, struck up a conversation with me and I showed her my sketches and she showed me her sketchbook. She was quite good. There were even some images in there that she and her father did together. They would pass the sketchbook back and forth until they had created a character or scene. How cool is that! Sounds like great fun and I would love to be able to share something like that with my child some day.

At one point we were the last folk in the gallery, just us and David.