Static Shock Backgrounds in Action!

I worked at Warner Brothers for a couple of seasons of Static Shock. I painted backgrounds for this series based on the DC comics which were actually a favorite of mine. Here are a couple of jpegs of some of the BGs, and after the jump you can see the animation!

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Carrier Mage sketches

Carrier Mage energy swirling

These are some sketches I did a while back. I was exploring depth, foreshortening and posing of human form.

It turned into a sort of energy mage/sorcerer. Details »



I came up with this after watching a kid follow his mom through a mall store. The kid never looked up, that portable game stayed in his vision the whole time! His world was experienced AROUND the game!
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Character development sketches

These sketches explore character development.

This sketch also explores using value to represent form, using a more painterly approach.

Digital Painting

Here is a digital painting created in Painter. It was exhibited @ the 2006 Faculty Show @ Howard University.


Here is a digital painting exercise done during a class lecture on Photoshop. The focus of the lecture was on using channels as selections to apply texture to paintings.

painting exercise

Here is a digital painting exercise exploring painting methods using Photoshop. The focus of the lecture was on rendering lighted surfaces.

personal character exploration

This is another exploration of Photoshop as a painting tool.

painting exercise

Children’s Show Character Concepts

Here are a couple of character concept drawing of characters I designed for a pilot of animated childrens show.

Static Shock Background Paintings

Static Shock BG painting

These are some of the backgrounds I painted while working @ Warner Brothers on Static Shock