La Badia in Orvieto, Italy

La Badia di Orvieto

I was enamored with this abbey upon first sight. I drew this from the high school shoolyard in Orvieto. Walking through the city that morning, I saw a gate open. My curiosity got me to peek around, seeing as how I was sure that would be a great vantage point to sketch from that day. I spent a bit of time making this sketch and some photos. This was the last sketch in my sketchbook. And I nearly lost the whole thing! Major tragedy to lose a empty sketchbook, let alone a filled one! I pulled a new sketchbook out of my bag and thought I put the filled one away. I left the schoolyard feeling all good, and continued on my way.

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Digital MultiMedia Applications – texture mapping

** Note: this will be broken up with images and occasional bits of humor soon **

This post will attempt to explain some of the key points of texture mapping polygonal objects in Maya 8.5. This approach would be one you would use as a beginning 3d artist or as part of a production team that does not have some sort of 3d paint solution

I think it is useful to point out that this technique will inherently cause a bit of stretching of the texture over certain faces of the polygons. It is necessary to unitize your UVs to alleviate that sort of stretching. There will also be some seams with this method. Both of these points we will attempt to minimize by working intellegently. In regards to the seams, you as the modeler and texturer must try to find a way to minimize their visibilty, or use them as logical breaks inĀ  the surface you are modeling.

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Character development sketches

These sketches explore character development.

This sketch also explores using value to represent form, using a more painterly approach.

Batman concept modeling

Batmobile concept model

I modeled this version of the Batmobile for Warner Brothers as concept art for a proposed Batman series. I was given design drawings and modeled, lit, and rendered this turntable in Maya.

SimEx Studios- 4D Racers

4D Racers

I was a technical assistant for this simulation ride film for Legoland. I setup the scenes for render and also edited some animation on a couple of shots.

Digital HipHop Animation – Redman and Lady Luck

Lady Luck/ Redman video

This is an excerpt from a 3D animated internet music video for the artist Lady Luck featuring Redman. I directed this video and the motion capture session for the animation. I also created the animatic and edited the character design and storyboards.

Thesis Animation

USC thesis film

This is a clip from my MFA thesis film from the University of Southern California.