Modeling the joker

I’m adding a lot more work to my modeling portfolio. Here is a head model I created in two sessions (about 10 hours modeling).

This is a DC Comics character. In no way, shape, or form am I claiming any rights to this likeness. This is simply an exhibition of my modeling ability.

I based my version of the Joker character off of the character design from Under the Red Hood, a wonderful direct to video animated film. Using reference frames from the film, I created a front view image plane (modeling aid). I also created a profile drawing to use as an image plane for the side view.

And below are some other views of the model. I modeling polygonal hair with an expectation of modeling that into a more representative polygonal hairdo in zbrush, but I also will have a version of the model that I can style with hair using different rendering methods.

A turntable of the finished model to come soon, as well as a process post outlining some of the modeling techniques used. Next up is a facial animation rig! Any comments? Critiques? Please, speak up!


  1. Charles says:

    No crits, on my end, hoping to maybe see textures someday… But I do have a question. Do you still see any benefit to doing this sort of modeling in a package like Max or Maya, when essentially you can rough out something very basic first (or even take something from your stock), then take into zbrush for sculpting? I mean given the retopology options in zbrush, in seems like it might even be faster and (personally speaking) more fun from an artistic standpoint.

  2. testjamal says:

    Scuplting in zbrush can be a wonderful part of the process, but I still am currently more comfortable roughing out in a traditional modeling package. I have more control of my edge loops there.

    And zbrush just isn’t the be-all end-all of most pipelines in studios currently. Being able to get there with different tools is the goal for me; there being the finished production. And base modeling in maya is a good way to get out reference models for your riggers and lighters quickly. It’s not as organic as zbrush is from jump, but that precision is useful is production.

    And that model still has to move! Being able to start in max or maya can give you a leg up on zbrush scenes brought into max or maya. For me, zbrush allows for detailing and a “more analog” look but builidng primitives and basic forms to work with is still an easier process for me in max or maya

  3. ML the Truth says:

    HEy Jamal this is Snap. Jim and Willis Williams brother. If you need music for any of your projects or have friends that need it, let me know. We have a production company. Thanks. Mississippi

  4. testjamal says:

    Snap! good to hear from you man! Glad to see that folks from home are seeing my stuff. Looks like my search engine ranking is paying off! How did you come by the site? I need to put some more energy into pubbing myself and it would be good to know where to focus efforts. I will definitely be looking you up soon. You still in MS? Drop me some links to some of your stuff if you get a chance.


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