I came up with this after watching a kid follow his mom through a mall store. The kid never looked up, that portable game stayed in his vision the whole time! His world was experienced AROUND the game!
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The Self Inside

self inside sketch

I had an animation idea that I put down in a sketch for further exploration.

I also did a quick value study as well as a basic color overlay.

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Plastic bag fairy


This is a pencil sketch and Flash linework of a rough character idea.

He is one of the urban sprites, or modern fairies or whatever I decide to call these guys. I have some characters rolling around that make of parts of city life that you don’t see. Similar to how fairy folk and goblins and sprites made up the unseen world in different ages, these folk fill in the dark corners in this age.
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Character development sketches

These sketches explore character development.

This sketch also explores using value to represent form, using a more painterly approach.

Digital Painting

Here is a digital painting created in Painter. It was exhibited @ the 2006 Faculty Show @ Howard University.


Here is a digital painting exercise done during a class lecture on Photoshop. The focus of the lecture was on using channels as selections to apply texture to paintings.

painting exercise

Here is a digital painting exercise exploring painting methods using Photoshop. The focus of the lecture was on rendering lighted surfaces.

personal character exploration

This is another exploration of Photoshop as a painting tool.

painting exercise

Children’s Show Character Concepts

Here are a couple of character concept drawing of characters I designed for a pilot of animated childrens show.

Static Shock Background Paintings

Static Shock BG painting

These are some of the backgrounds I painted while working @ Warner Brothers on Static Shock