The Self Inside

I had an animation idea that I put down in a sketch for further exploration.
self inside sketch
I also did a quick value study as well as a basic color overlay.

value study with line
valuestudy no line
basic color study

The cutaway shows some of what the animation idea is about, but there is much more to the story. It deals with self image(hopefully obviously) and the importance of getting out of your own way and getting out of your own head.


  1. Charles says:

    … Looks like someone has more internet at their disposal. Do post more.

  2. testjamal says:

    same internet, I have just trained my impatience to be silent (and built a local development server and got filezilla working in the wee hours). Using xampplite to edit locally until I’m happy with look, and then massuploading.

    Good to know the streets(labs) is watchin’!

  3. Charles says:

    Well it seems someones ingenuity is still intact. Good show old boy. The labs will continue to watch, till the internet stops… Or it gets boring which ever happens first.

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Shapeways prints ordered

I recently prepared three models for printing via shapeways.

the Big Blue Boy Scout from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

version of the joker from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

punk duck full model from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

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the Big Blue Boy Scout part 2

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Vail Film Festival 2012

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the Big Blue Boy Scout

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Demo Reel 2012


This demo reel showcases some of the work I have been involved in. Unless otherwise indicated, I did all of the work presented. I work in 3D animation, primarily using Maya currently. I also am quite familiar with 3D Studio and to a lesser extent SoftImage XSI. I am extremely proficient in many of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.
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3d turntables on vimeo

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self portrait turntable from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo. Details »

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