Base Rig

So here is the baserig that I will be using to animate my athlete models and other characters built off of this model. In this post I will describe the controls available on this rig.
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3d Self Portrait part2

In this post, I have created a turntable animation of my 3d self portrait model so far.
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Mirrorhead Rig


This is an animateable character model and rig. The rig features IK/FK arms, reverse foot leg setup and custom shoulder, spine, neck and head animation controls.

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Batman concept modeling

Batmobile concept model

I modeled this version of the Batmobile for Warner Brothers as concept art for a proposed Batman series. I was given design drawings and modeled, lit, and rendered this turntable in Maya.

SimEx Studios- 4D Racers

4D Racers

I was a technical assistant for this simulation ride film for Legoland. I setup the scenes for render and also edited some animation on a couple of shots.

Digital HipHop Animation – Redman and Lady Luck

Lady Luck/ Redman video

This is an excerpt from a 3D animated internet music video for the artist Lady Luck featuring Redman. I directed this video and the motion capture session for the animation. I also created the animatic and edited the character design and storyboards.

Thesis Animation

USC thesis film

This is a clip from my MFA thesis film from the University of Southern California.