Base Rig

So here is the baserig that I will be using to animate my athlete models and other characters built off of this model. In this post I will describe the controls available on this rig.
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3d Self Portrait Part 3 Zbrush edits

I’ve taken the self portrait model into zBrush and done some editing. Some preliminary painting as well as some sculpting to have a look at how hair would look on the model.
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Zareen 3d Character Model

This a 3d model of a little girl character I designed named Zareen. I mentioned her previously in this post. Details »

Athlete Base Model Part 3

I am currently building an animation control rig for the athlete base model. I will describe most of the controls here: Details »

3d Self Portrait part2

In this post, I have created a turntable animation of my 3d self portrait model so far.
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3d Self Portrait WIP

Here are some images from a self portrait model that I am currently working on. Details »

Athlete Base Model Part 2

After testing my previous mesh and taking into consideration the critique of one of my former students, I reworked parts of the mesh for this model. This new mesh works a lot better in terms of deformation. It also handles some of the musculature a lot better.

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