Sketches of David

We spent an afternoon in Florence @ the Galleria dell’Accademia and I spent most of that time sketching Michelangelo’s David. Great afternoon. We met a family there, a young girl with her parents. The father was an architect. Originally, he came out of school as an engineer, but went back to follow his passion of being an architect later in life. He had a great story of following your passion and seemed to be at peace there with his daughter and patient wife who kinda hung around on the sidelines.

He and his daughter were there sketching and observing as I was. Curiosity got the best of both of us and eventually we were near enough to see what we both were doing. The daughter, about 8 years old, struck up a conversation with me and I showed her my sketches and she showed me her sketchbook. She was quite good. There were even some images in there that she and her father did together. They would pass the sketchbook back and forth until they had created a character or scene. How cool is that! Sounds like great fun and I would love to be able to share something like that with my child some day.

At one point we were the last folk in the gallery, just us and David.

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Shapeways prints ordered

I recently prepared three models for printing via shapeways.

the Big Blue Boy Scout from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

version of the joker from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

punk duck full model from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo.

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the Big Blue Boy Scout part 2

The modeling for this character is complete! You can see a turntable of the model here:

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Vail Film Festival 2012

I recently had occassion to attend the Vail Film Festival. I created the animated pre-roll of the festival logo and sponsors.
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the Big Blue Boy Scout

supes and his cape

I’m modeling a very familiar character for a 3D fan film, Superman, or as I’ve seen Batman call him “the big blue boy scout”. Here are a few images of the model in progress as well as a turntable of the current look of the model.
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Demo Reel 2012


This demo reel showcases some of the work I have been involved in. Unless otherwise indicated, I did all of the work presented. I work in 3D animation, primarily using Maya currently. I also am quite familiar with 3D Studio and to a lesser extent SoftImage XSI. I am extremely proficient in many of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.
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3d turntables on vimeo

I’ve posted some turntables of some models @ vimeo. I’ve embedded them here:

self portrait turntable from Jamal Sullivan on Vimeo. Details »

Modeling a punk duck

Here is an original character I came up with sketching for a class one day.

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