3d Self Portrait Part 3 Zbrush edits

I’ve taken the self portrait model into zBrush and done some editing. Some preliminary painting as well as some sculpting to have a look at how hair would look on the model.

So there has only been a first pass at laying down local color. I haven’t edited any outputted textures in Photoshop. I haven’t begun dealing with specularity and displacement too much yet either. I have brought the model from zBrush to Maya without too much hassle, so I’m looking forward to creating a couple of nice renders there as well.

There are still glaring problems with the likeness, but if you don’t see them I won’t say anything. I’ll just fix them and show you the new edit.

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  1. Charles says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how you handle your hair. I don’t think I’ve seen to many attempts at black hair in zbrush. Also aren’t your cheeks a bit wider than that?

  2. testjamal says:

    I’ve noticed the lack of black hair (other than dreadlocks and perfectly circular afros) in 3d in general as well. I think the next few characters I create will run the gamut of the black hair experience.

    And I think they(my cheeks) are wider as well as my ears being at a slightly different angle. My left ear is just slightly lower than the right. All these things shall be addressed in the near future.

  3. Charles says:

    First of all don’t knock the perfect Fro’s. I have fond memories of Afro Thunder. And also, look at how far you’ve come despite your terrible ear disfigurement… I ask you, where is your feel good biopic staring Will Smith?

    Also, also are you still at the same email?

  4. testjamal says:

    yes still at same email

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