Chasin Waterfalls (TLC)

So we were invited to a hike. Basically the hike was climbing up the side of a small mountain to swim in a waterfall pool at the top.
at the base of the waterfall

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Excursions (ATCQ)

Recently we went to the capital city of Abuja to take a break from being in rural Yola. It was a welcome change of pace for us.

jamal and melba in Abuja
nice paved 3-lane highway in Abuja
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Walk about Yola Town

So our first home here was already larger than the spot we had in Long Beach, CA but as I mentioned before, it was only temporary. After about a month, we moved into our permanent housing in the faculty housing compound called 8 Flats.

Our home Flat #3 in 8 Flats Compound

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First Contact

So we landed August 23, 2009. (did I mention this was one day after our wedding?) We had been traveling for quite a long while. The first leg was STL to JFK. Then JFK to Dakar, Senegal. Dakar to Abuja, Nigeria. Abuja to Yola, Nigeria. These pics don’t do justice. We were pretty tired, but running on adrenaline from being in a completely different environment and having close to no idea of what to expect.
Jamal and Melba somewhere over the Atlantic

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Hello and welcome.

Here I will be sharing  some images with you all that illustrate everyday living here in Yola, Nigeria. I just moved here from the U.S.  in the fall of 2009. Life here is so much different than I had known before as a U.S. citizen. Many of the changes are small, but some defy description. I hope you enjoy seeing where and how we live.


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